Hello, my name is Nathan. I am a rising senior here at Ohio State, and I am thrilled to start this journey into the study of Ohio Plants with you all! My interest in plants and the field of botany began when I was a member of the Boy Scouts, where my love of the outdoors first took off.

To interpret my coat of arms, I drew some mountains as I enjoy hiking, and at each peak, I drew a flag displaying some of the fun facts about me. I am from Seven Hills, Ohio, which is about ten minutes from downtown Cleveland. I am a biology major with a minor in business, and I just applied to Dental School this summer! The quote I put is a personal motto of mine which is “Nothing great comes without hard work and determination”, which I use as motivation to always do my best in school. My favorite plant is an aloe vera plant, but I do enjoy all the plant life around Lake Erie as well. My definition of botany is the study of plants and their roles in their habitats. Lastly, I hope to learn more about the plants that shape our beautiful state and how to identify them.